Hey there! My name is Kenny Helsens, I work as a freelance data scientist with my company ThinkData. In the last nine years, I have been involved in many projects where my goal was to come up innovative ways to add value through data.

At Ghent University, my PhD research activities focused on increasing sensitivity and specificity in mass spectrometry based protein identifications. During this period, I collaborated with various (in)ternational researchers on about twenty projects where we enabled biologists by providing data analysis services for their research questions. A detailed overview on my academic work can be found in my curriculum vitae below.

After leaving Ghent University, I joined the data science team at Massive Media known from web products like Netlog and Twoo. In this team, I learned first hand how data scientists can enable a data driven culture within a company. Each product/finance/marketing/engineering decission can be based on ad hoc analysis or statistics from realtime user and product data.

Next, I founded my own company ThinkData as a vehicle for data science services to a variety of companies. After 2 successful years with projects at VMMa, MARS, SONY and others - I have grown accustomed to enable a team to think about its data in novel ways, towards innovation and value for its products.

Today, I want to focus again on projects in biology/biotech/life-science. I feel that my academic knowledge and personal interest in this area will help me understand critical questions even better and thereby further enhance my data analysis services for companies.


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